For a couple weeks, our stacks of shiny new kegs sat quietly in the brewery. No stickers, labels, scratches, dings or dents on them. Just wrapped neatly in sheets of plastic. Those days are long gone. Over this past weekend, foregoing the usual Memorial Day festivities, we camped out at the brewery to move our first batches of beer into the kegs.

First, the entire team pitched in to ready the kegs. We chose to stencil the words "Ardent" on each keg, which turned out bright, durable, and, well, just the right price. Kevin led the transfer operations, making certain every tube and hook-up from tank to keg was perfect. The Saison went first, then the IPA and Honey Ginger. As expected, this first run presented us with opportunities to learn and make adjustments to our process. Sure, we are all a bit sleep-deprived, but nevermind that. Seeing those kegs filled was nothing short of invigorating. 

Some of the Saison is headed to Broad Appetit this Sunday. We hope to see you out there supporting great local food and beer.