"Better beer through science!" Meet Erin, in charge of our lab here at Ardent.

Erin joined us as an intern while studying Bioinformatics at VCU, and has since graduated to a full-time lab/cellerman in the brewery. Recently, Erin has started using an Anton Paar CboxQC to measure CO2 and dissolved oxygen content in our beers. By taking measurements at the brite tank and in pierced bottles after packaging, we can determine how much oxygen creeps in, and in turn adjust our processes to ensure we’re making the highest quality beer possible.

Oxygen is the enemy of beer, so by collecting hard data with instant results at every step of the brewing process, Erin helps to ensure that the beer we brew will have stable, consistent shelf life. When you buy our beer in stores, we want it to be as fresh as possible with minimal oxidation. So next time you crack open a 6-pack of fresh Ardent IPA, you can thank Erin for the work that went into ensuring its quality. Cheers to science!