This Saturday, it's go big or go home with the Ardent DIPA!

The past year has been a big one for Ardent IPAs. We’ve worked hard to make big strides in aromatics and flavor—fine-tuning our dry-hopping, heavily researching techniques and products, talking to other breweries, attending numerous seminars, and performing extensive taste-testing. Plus, not only have we made a lot of improvements to our regular IPA, but we’ve also learned a lot from producing our well-received New England IPA. The DIPA is the culmination of everything we’ve learned, and we’re pretty proud of it.

Tasting notes: The DIPA is like our New England IPA’s bigger, badder sibling—the same yeast and malt backbone, but in a brawnier, scaled-up version. This cloudy and deep golden-colored beer showcases the aromas and flavors of its hops: funky tropical fruit from the Mosaic, and piney earthiness from the Simcoe. Soft mouthfeel and incredibly low bitterness let these juicy hops shine. 9.6% ABV, 9 IBU.

What pairs perfectly with the DIPA? River City Wood Fire Pizza and River City Kettle Corn! Join us on Saturday and treat your palate to a day of all-around deliciousness.


Due to some technical yeast difficulties beyond our control, we had to switch the dates of our releases. Hope to also see you Saturday, February 11th for the Bourbon Barrel–Aged Dark Rye release!