Stay clear of windows: Defenestrator returns! Join us Saturday for the release of this smooth, malty doppelbock, an annual collaboration with The Cask Cafe.

The Defenestrator was one of the first lagers we brewed. We collaborated with our friends at The Cask, who focus on European beers and are big lager fans. We made a 30 bbl batch that first year, and have continued the collab every year since. Not only do we really enjoy the beer, but it’s always a great time brewing with the folks at The Cask. Doppelbocks are some of Germany's biggest, strongest beers. Our Defenestrator is a traditional-style doppelbock, using all-German malt and all-German hops.

Oh, and the name? All credit goes to The Cask for that one. It follows the tradition set by many other doppelbocks that end in “-ator”: Salvator, Celebrator, Optimator, Troegenator. We think the meaning behind the name is pretty funny.

Tasting notes: This ruby brown doppelbock has a malty, sweet, bready aroma, with mild fruitiness. The clean, full-bodied mouthfeel leads into a pronounced nutty flavor and malty, bready sweetness, ending in a crisp finish. An easy-drinking, mellow doppelbock, despite the ABV.  8.7% ABV, 22 IBU.

Defenestrator will be available on draft only. ZZQ will be here from noon until they sell out, and Bikini Panini will join us at 4 pm. We hope you’ll come enjoy some good food and good beer with us!