We are very sorry to announce that, as a result of our Saison yeast finding its way into our IPA, our last shipment to our wholesaler of IPA six-packs tastes more like Belgian IPA than American IPA. Specifically, 40 cases (12 oz bottles packaged in six-packs) made it out to the market before we caught the problem. We have worked with our wholesale partner to identify the retailers who purchased the problematic cases and to pull all of these six-packs of IPA off the shelves. Draft IPA was not affected.

We are buying back this beer because the unintended addition of the Saison yeast produces a beer that we cannot call our IPA; this is simply an issue of quality and the standards we set for ourselves. If you have already bought an IPA six-pack that you think tastes a little different, bring it back to our taproom (not the retailer where you bought it) for either a refund or a replacement of a six-pack. Saison is available now; new IPA will be available next Tuesday, January 10. 

We sincerely apologize for this unfortunate misstep, and for any inconvenience it causes. We strive to provide the highest-quality product possible, and we pride ourselves on our rigorous standards. Thank you, Richmond, for understanding, and for your continued support.