UPDATE: Monday, February 27, 10:38 a.m.

All full-sized barrels have been sold.


Attention homebrewers and beer-loving decorators: Ardent has 27 small barrels and 5 full-size barrels for sale!

Small barrels:

  • 25 five-gallon barrels
  • 1 three-gallon barrel
  • 1 four-gallon barrel

Large barrels:

  • 5 full-size (53-gallon) barrels

The small barrels were sourced from Reservoir, and then used by us in our sour garage. They've reached their life span with us, but they're still in very good condition for homebrewers interested in wild and sour aging projects and for people using them as decorations. There is no Reservoir spirit left in them.

The 5 full-size, 53-gallon barrels are rum barrels that we used to age our Dark Rye stout. These would be great for furniture or decoration.

Please, serious inquiries only. Email chris@ardentcraftales.com to buy. First come, first served; we will not hold the barrels for anyone.