Join us on Saturday to taste a wild ale 18 months in the making.

We started our wild fermentation project in summer 2015, knowing that there’s just no rushing wild beers. A year and a half later, and our inaugural projects are finally ready for release. You might remember the first bottled wild project, the Tokaj Barrel-Aged Saison, released in August 2016.

For our Wild Ale with Cherries, we aged our saison in red wine barrels with a blend of four brettanomyces strains, and later cherry puree. The result is a hazy, golden-colored ale, slightly tinted by the fruit and barrel, with a white, lacy head. The aroma blends barnyard with hints of cherry, and the flavor balances classic brett funk with warming red wine barrel notes and light acidity. The medium carbonation and dry finish round out this complex, brett-forward beer. 9% ABV, 5 IBU.

As our wild fermentation project starts to produce, we hope to offer these types of beer—along with blends and different yeast strain experiments—as a regular part of our release schedule and taproom lineup (though, of course, when it comes to wild ales, the schedule is really up to the beer).

The Wild Ale with Cherries will be available on draft and in 330 mL bottles in the taproom only. Carytown Burgers & Fries will be here to satisfy all your burger needs. Come try a complex, delicious wild ale, and pick up a bottle for your holiday table!