Earl Grey Brown Ale is back! Join us Saturday for the release of this beloved annual collaboration with Potter's Craft Cider and Champion Brewing Company. We'll also have eight guest taps:

From Potter's:

  • Ginger & Honey Cider
  • Farmhouse Dry Cider
  • Mosaic Hopped Cider
  • Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Cider

From Champion:

  • Missile IPA
  • Malibu Nights American IPA
  • Fruitbasket DIPA
  • Shower Beer Czech-Style Pils

The Early Grey Brown Ale started way back in our homebrew days as a recipe by Andy of Potter's. He perfected the recipe in Brickman’s garage, even serving it at his wedding. When he moved to Charlottesville, the recipe came with him. He headed over to his friend Hunter at Champion, where they brewed a three-barrel batch. We thought the result was so delicious that we had to get in on the action! Brewing this beer has become an annual tradition ever since, and one we look forward to every year. Even though we all brew professionally now, we’re homebrewers at heart; it’s always fun to get together and spend a day hanging out and brewing together.

The Earl Grey Brown Ale starts with classic brown color and white, frothy head. The rich tea and orange-like bergamot aromatics give way to easy-drinking mouthfeel and flavors of black tea and bergamot on top of a classic, malt-forward English brown ale. A light-bodied, mild brown ale with hints of Earl Grey tea.

Mean Bird will be here with your favorite fried chicken and vegan Veggie Bird. Spend a Saturday with us enjoying great beer and great food!