We're excited to announce the second batch of a collaboration between Scott's Addition neighbors Reservoir Distillery and Ardent Craft Ales!

375 mL bottles of whiskey distilled from Ardent’s IPA will be available exclusively at the Reservoir Distillery tasting room for $65 beginning on October 18. Mark your calendars, because quantities are very limited!


The IPA Whiskey started with a conversation. As neighbors in Scott’s Addition, the guys from Reservoir Distillery and Ardent Craft Ales frequent each other’s businesses for a drink and good company. One night, Reservoir distillers Jay and David and Ardent production manager Chris (who has a background in distilling) got to talking about ways to collaborate.

Since Reservoir’s products all use single-grain mash bills—the Rye Whiskey is a 100% rye mash bill, the Wheat Whiskey is 100% wheat, and the Bourbon Whiskey is 100% corn—the friends thought it would be interesting to create something from barley. And what’s made with barley? Ardent craft beer.

The plan was a go. Ardent shipped Reservoir IPA, which Reservoir distilled into a spirit. Reservoir then aged the spirit in a variety of barrels new and used. Thanks to the IPA base, you might catch some hop notes in the finished spirit.

Tasting notes: The nose offers wildflowers, oak undertones, vanilla, melon, lemongrass, and citrus. The palate is smooth, velvety, full, and building, with sweet floral notes of black tea and perfume. The long, rising finish carries lingering spiciness.

The IPA Whiskey is the first of many collaborations. We hope you enjoy this Scott’s Addition creation as much as we enjoyed making it. Look for more Reservoir spirits distilled from different Ardent beers in the future.

Tom, Dave and Jay