Join us June 3rd for the release of our Gose with Lime—aka "You Put the Lime in the Gose and You Drink It All Up"—a collaboration with O'Connor Brewing Co.!

We've wanted to do a collaboration with our friends from O'Connor for a long time. Commonwealth Brewing Company’s Common Grounds, a festival that features only collaboration beers, presented the perfect opportunity. So we happily got together with our O’Connor friends and brewed the Gose for the occasion. Goses are traditional tart German wheat beers brewed with coriander and salt. We used all-German malt and all-German hops, and put our own spin on it by adding lime zest to give it some citrus snappiness. To make this kettle sour, we spent two days and a night brewing with Bob and Kane from O'Connor (#twodaybrewday). In between brewing, we got to show them around Richmond and take them to some of our favorite RVA spots. We had a great time collaborating, and we really enjoy this beer. All props to Bob for the glorious name. You can call it "You Put the Lime in the Gose and You Drink It All Up," you can call it "Gose with Lime," we just hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Tasting notes: The Gose with Lime is a hazy straw color with a creamy white head. Lime and tart acidity dominate the nose, with hints of coriander. The mouthfeel is effervescent, yet remains full-bodied as is typical of wheat beers. The flavor is tart and slightly salty with lime acidity, rounded out by a mild cereal grain undertone from the German pilsner malt. Overall, a traditional German-style Gose with bright acidity from the addition of lime zest. 4.6% ABV, 4 IBU.

ZZQ will be selling their Texas craft barbeque starting at noon until they sell out, and Aloi will join us with California fare at 4pm. Come by for some good beer and good food!