Gluten-free fans, you’ll want to be here Sunday! Lincoln is pairing two of his gluten-free beers with some foods prepared with koji by Craig Perkinson from Southbound.

Koji is the mold responsible for making sake, miso, and soy sauce, which chef Craig is using in delicious and creative ways in his dishes at Southbound.

Lincoln worked with Malachy McKenna of RVA Yeast Labs to isolate a particular yeast strain from one of his early gluten-free beers. Using this yeast, he brewed two gluten-free golden ales, one with koji and one without, for you to compare the results of his experiments!


- Water of Prosperity (with koji) - 11.3% ABV
Sake-style beer, boozy, earthy, briney, with pear and banana flavors

- Gluten-Free Golden Ale (without koji) - 5.1% ABV
Flavors of pear, mint, lime, and tangerine, notes of honey

Koji-cured ham
Koji-dusted pork rinds

Try a sampling of both beers and a plate of food all for $18, and let us know your favorites! Cheers!