There's nothing like the thrill of seeing brand new, shiny tanks roll into your brewery. It was pretty surreal the first time, and the second time was just as awesome. Two new 30 bbl tanks and a 60 bbl bright tank were delivered to us this week, and they are now upright, in place, and waiting to be fully installed. By the beginning of November, we plan to move beer from these tanks into kegs. 

All in all, our new tanks give us 50 percent more capacity. More brewing. More beer. All that good stuff! But what it really means it we're able to expand, just a little bit, and at the pace that feels right to us. It means we can offer our beer to a few more restaurants, bars and businesses around town, participate in more local events, and make sure there's always enough to go around. And, most importantly, it means we will be able to brew more styles. 

Next time you come by, peek inside and take a look. There's a whole lot more stainless steel!