As part of our annual staff holiday party, we teamed up with Pedal Power RVA and Giant Bicycles to assemble 7 bicycles in a variety of sizes. Last week, we donated them to Housing Families First! These bikes will help children and adults alike, and will be used for both recreation and transportation between home, school, and jobs.

The Ardent team excelled at the unboxing and unwrapping stages, but it’s a good thing we had the Pedal Power expertise to guide us through the rest of the steps. After a few quick rides to check out what the bikes could do, we enjoyed some competitive team building at our neighborhood pals Tang & Biscuit. 

Richmond has been so good to us over the years, and in turn we try to give back to our amazing community. Thanks for everything, RVA! Cheers to a great 2019! 🍻