Welcome to the Donkey Barn! You may have noticed the garage in the corner of our parking lot and beer garden, which is where we ferment and age our various sour projects. Inside are dozens of barrels, ranging in size, age, and original use, from full-sized wine barrels to miniature bourbon barrels and tons of others in between.

Rob oversees the different beers bubbling away in the Donkey Barn. We always have multiple batches going at once, so that when one beer is emptied from barrels and packaged for sale, we’re ready to pump something new in. Over time, we’ve identified our favorite barrels and cycled out others that don’t perform as well. What does this mean for you? The more we keep brewing, the more the beer will continue to evolve!

Thirsty yet? Lucky for you, this Thursday we’re releasing our newest beer from the Donkey Barn: Winter American Sour Blend, a barrel-fermented sour red ale cultured with our house strain. Amber-colored with a roasty aroma, this blended beer was aged in oak for 10 months and balances a malty sweetness with rounded tart flavors and notes of plum and sour cherry.